Creativity Above All

Gameplay is just the beginning. We aim to craft character-driven stories that go far beyond the cliches and tropes normally associated video games. Our creative team has a background making compelling stories for film and television, and we’re working with world-class professionals to bring our tales to life.



Unique Development Processes

Improvement is the core of what we do. We’re not content with just building a game, we’re creating an ever-evolving story that will grow over time. Orpheus is using cutting-edge technology, versatile tools and our teams’ experience in studios of all sizes to create new, leaner processes that allow us to iterate and improve our games constantly – both during development and post-launch with the help and feedback from our players.



AAA Pedigree and Casual Leadership

Our team is made up of equal parts veterans of AAA console game studios and leaders in casual/mobile gaming. We know how to make games, and we know how to make them well. We’ve combined our extensive experience with the goal of treading new ground, creating unique experiences that resonate with players and redefine genres.